PUBLIC An Age of Fire

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    "It is a time of darkness"

    The burning warship descends into a fiery embrace, as she abandons the struggle to remain in orbit. The magnetic pull of the planet's core finally claims the hulk. The grim troopers look up, still catching up their breath. The battle fatigue has taken its toll, now sounding along their heavy breath through the rebreathers.

    "It is done..." The captain muttered. "Indeed, sir... They are spent" the sergeant replied, lifting her gun barrel up, against her shoulder. The fragment of the once platoon now stood amidst a vast grim wasteland, torn and bled by the seemingly endless fighting they went through...

    "The wars we waged on ourselves made us strong... Unyielding"

    The echoing of the steps carry the figure's advance towards the vast chamber. Built by black iron, with all light lit be it the visor's blaze and the distant purple crystals around the throne. The figure stops several meters before the throne, kneeling down. His arms extend, offering a bloodied pale fraction of a flag.
    "The enemy has fallen, my lord. Methys is yours to rule"

    "Finally" The scaled-armored figure intones, bringing his arm near his helmed face. As the fingers move around the thumb, lightning blazes to reveal the gold-crowned adept.

    "Now, we may begin... The Serpent shall be awoken again, and there shall be no power to stand against it."


    The city of Kalmerra. The Black City. After centuries of civil strife, planet Methys finally calls to the galaxy. The once mystic peoples of Methys now led by Prince Amnon, finally welcome outsiders. But it is not celebration, nor joyful cause that brought the summons...

    The Methysian ruler calls for a raid. Mercenaries, bounty hunters, pirates and freelancers gather, as the Prince makes ready to take his armies to the stars...

    "The time has come for the Galaxy to be built anew. An end to the strife and chaos. And that can only happen through an onslaught of fire."

    The word has it that the Methysians plan on launching a long campaign all across the south-east outer rim. A war of conquest, many speculate. The imperialist courts of Methys promise plunder and fame to whoever joins this endeavour.

    Although the plan remains unclear, nobility and ambassadors and diplomats and warlords from all across the near-sectors arrive to the skyscrapper halls, while privateers and mercenaries and loyalists and zealots swarm to the underhive recruitment posts and cantinas, seeking the link and credit to a deal, while the seven moons of Methys blacken by warships and army camps...