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    Aella winced as the medical droid rolled backwards, continuing to hum to itself as it finished filling the bacta pump partially implanted into her skin beneath her right collarbone. After carefully adjusting the sling holding her right arm immobile, the droid left her side and returned to its dock in the cornet of the room. She watched as it shut down, sighing and leaning back, enjoying the feeling of the sun on her face where she rested. Her raised bed and pillows propped her up so that she sat comfortably. It hurt to move just about anything, as she'd learned recently the full might of the Imperial Palace defenses. The broken collarbone was the worst of her injuries, but that didn't make the rest of them any more pleasant.

    This was the longest she'd stayed on Bastion in a long time, and it gave her an unpleasant sense of nostalgia that refused to wither away. It was made only worse by the funeral that had taken place only days earlier, memories of her father being laid to rest behind stone still fresh in her mind. That alone was more painful than any physical wound she suffered, and unlike those there was no easy remedy to numb this one. But there were a few things that came close, and she clung to them as her sole form of escapism on a world that had never wanted her here, at least as far as she was concerned.

    With one hand she fumbled awkwardly for a cigarra and then for her lighter, exhaling smoke with a sigh as she leaned her head back. Marcan was a mild drug, all things considered, but it took the edge off just like anything else. With the window open the smoke didn't linger in the air, but the smell of something burning faintly remained. She hadn't bothered to get permission to smoke in her room, but figured after her recent escapades it was a more acceptable form of delinquency.

    Her mind wandered briefly to the Jedi that had flown her to the Palace during her father's wake, and she wondered if he'd managed to escape successfully. At this point she figured he had to have, else the attention would have been focused more squarely on her and her involvement with him that had led to all this. Not that it wouldn't be eventually as it was, she just supposed her brother was more preoccupied with the foreign agent as opposed to his own sister. Much to his eventual disappointment, she didn't know the man, nor did she so much as catch his name. His company wasn't the kind she chose to keep, but she had to admit he was interesting.

    The cigarra had burned almost halfway down, and she inhaled, holding the smoke in her lungs for a few moments before breathing it out. Something pricked in the back of her mind a second before her door slid open, revealing the familiar form of her older brother as he stepped inside. It was almost strange to see him alone, but she was grateful that his guards didn't accompany him. Privacy was rare on Bastion.

    She didn't speak as he situated himself, waiting for him to break the silence. Something told her he wasn't here just to check on her condition.

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