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    Darth Tevris

    Personal Information

    Name: Tevris Stel

    Alias: Darth Tevris

    Age: 42

    Gender: Male

    Height: 6'2

    Faction: WIP

    Force Sensitive: Yes

    Historical Information

    Tevris Stel was not an ambitious man when he was young. The youngest son of a minor Empress Teta noble family, he had little in the way of great or lofty goals in life. He was an average student in everything he did, excelling only in history, with little of the drive and motivation that were evident in his older siblings. One a athlete without equal for his age, and the other a scientific mind already being scouted by dozens of different universities across the Core worlds.

    In time, as his siblings moved on with their lives, Tevris was forced to make a decision for the direction his life would take, and lacking better options he chose to be a historian. Not a luxurious career, especially for a nobles son, but he chose it and his parents were more than eager to see him depart the family home. When he left the Stel Villa at the age of eighteen, it would be the last time he saw it or his family again, though at the time it was not known to the man.

    Joining a minor institute dedicated to uncovering the ancient histories of ancient Empress Teta, Tevris spent the next several years delving into half forgotten records and the ruins of settlements are the borders of the city covered planet. It was in these years spent at the institute that he discovered the first ancient records of the Krath. Other historians passed over the information, believing that dark past of Empress Teta was best left to the dusts of time. Tevris disagreed, and he spent the next two years uncovering everything he could on the ancient Krath movement.

    This research eventually led him to learn about the Brotherhood of the Sith and the ancient Exar Kun. For the first time in his life motivated and moved to action, he used all his personal funds and resources to charter an expedition into the Outer Rim regions of the galaxy, determined to follow the trail left by the old Sith. Three years into this expedition, the institute lost all contact with the team that went with Tevris. They were written off as lost and dead, though the truth would turn out to be far worse.

    The expedition found what they were looking for in the ruins of ancient Korriban, though of the twenty three researchers that entered those tombs, only Tevris emerged. When he did, he was no longer the man he had once been. Armed with a lightsaber claimed within the tombs, and a name torn from the throats of those who had once followed him in their search across the galaxy, Tevris departed the world.

    In his place, Darth Tevris began to carry out the grand plan he had begun to formulate, the blood of those he had betrayed still clinging to his past.
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