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    Ezra Hinton

    RANK:Idk some type of apprentice i guess.

    SPECIES: Human.

    AGE: 36

    SEX:male straight

    HEIGHT: 7’2

    WEIGHT: 253

    EYES: A rain storm gray.

    HAIR: ginger

    SKIN: Tan



    He will look out for himself only. makeing him lots of enemies on his way.

    He can hardly function if he shows his scars in public, preferring to mask them all and wear long heavy jackets and gloves even if it's scorching hot. If it gets to a point he could very well have a heat stroke.

    He can be brash and short tempered. Though he knows when to keep his mouth shut and force himself to take what may be thrown at him.

    At times he can have limited use of his left hand.

    For whatever reason he won't ever kill anyone he had trained. Even if it was simply a single lesson. Preferring to toy with them, use them and try to get them to join him on his path.

    While not being as quick as his padawan had been or many other sith he makes up for it in brute strength. He is a very imposing figure no matter the circumstances and will try to frighten anyone who attacks him or anyone he must fight.

    He can be a very quick witted soul. Usually using it to make a joke or flirt with someone. Though he has and will use this knack of his to get out of sticky situations.

    And when it goes wrong oh boy does it go wrong.


    ginger hair and a fit build he is scarred on his left to a point that he will do anything to keep it covered. The left half of his face is pretty much missing. A small amount of his wounds may be visible from his neck and wrist at times.He tends to sport the classic colors of red and black.

    BIOGRAPHY: He had been raised well from a youngling. His family had been good to him. They were well off and still to this day are.He had been a great padawan doing as he was told when he was told to and making life saving decisions that had been one of the reasons he was knighted at 24. No one knows quite why or when he snapped and started to dabble in the dark side . perhaps it was when his first tWo padawans had died?. Just that the older he got the more power hungry he was. He was never a gentle teacher to his padawan and did not care to be. He was to be executed for treason after Rose had made her way back to the order and told her story. How he had kicked her off of a ship after their mission. Not his brightest decision on his part. Then again as mentioned before. He wont kill anyone he has taught. It was during this disappearance act at his execution that he had managed to blow off half of his face.

    If he ever met up with Rose on a mission he couldn't help hold back a grin and say “I'm baaack!” in a sing-song voice. It was just a little something he hoped to do to crush the girl who was unaware that he still lived.