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    There are two options to acquiring territory on Odyssey. Major Factions may acquire territory via Dominions for targeted growth, or via Assimilation for passive growth. Minor Factions are only eligible to gain territory via Assimilations.

    • Factions may not gain territory via Dominions and Assimilations concurrently. Factions must opt into either the Dominion system or Agglomeration system in order to gain territory by posting in the Map Expansion Opt-In Thread. A faction may only change its elections once every 60 days.
    • Threads being submitted to gain territory must meet certain expectations in order to be approved. Factions who do not meet these expectations will be asked to either complete them (if Dominion or Faction thread) or they will be ineligible. Those expectations are listed below:
      • STORY - Does the thread submitted have a story (or group of stories) that makes sense and that comes to a reasonable conclusion?
      • REPRESENTATION - How well is the Faction represented in the thread? For example, if two members post the bulk of the thread back-to-back, or if the Faction has a weak showing in an inter-faction thread, the thread is unlikely to be approved without more work from other Faction members.
      • EFFORT - How much effort has the Faction put into the thread? As a general guideline, 50 average posts is an acceptable effort for a Faction thread. A lower number of posts may be acceptable if clear effort has resulted in solid stories that reach a natural conclusion. Spammed posts with minimal effort will count against the Faction.
    • A hex lost as the result of an Invasion or Rebellion defeat may not be claimed by the defeated faction for 30 days after the announcement of the Invasion or Rebellion result.
    • Minor Factions may not have more than seven hexes in their influence cloud at any point.

    • At any point, a Major Faction may acquire an adjacent Odyssey Galaxy Map hex by completing a Dominion thread, posting to the Map Update thread, and receiving Staff approval.
    • A Dominion thread’s title must include the name or acronym of the Major Faction, and the name of a planet visible in the hex.
    • A Major Faction may begin and work toward any number of simultaneous Dominions. However, a Major Faction may only submit three completed Dominions every calendar month.
    • A Dominion may only be started on a hex adjacent to the Major Faction’s influence cloud.
    • The third Dominion submitted by a Major Faction is eligible to be rebelled by a Tertiary Faction within 14 days of the submission of the Dominion to the Map Update Thread or after its approval by Board Staff, whichever is most recent.

    • At the end of the month, a faction that chose not to participate in Dominions for the month can instead claim hexes based upon their Faction's activity in other types of threads.
    • Thread types eligible for submission are: Faction, Skirmish, Invasion. Faction threads must be started by a member of the Faction claiming it to obtain territory on the Galaxy Map.
    • Factions are required to link the threads that their faction has participated in, where they will be subject to Board Staff review and approval, along with up to three hexes they are requesting be added to their Faction's influence cloud.
    • Based on the Faction's participation in the submitted threads, they will be eligible to claim 1-3 hexes on the map adjacent to the Major or Minor Faction's Influence Cloud. Minor Factions are only eligible to receive one hex per month.
    • Factions may submit their threads for approval and requested hexes to the Map Update Thread up to 7 days before the last day of the month. All other submissions to the Map Update Thread will be prioritized before Assimilation claims.
    • Factions should list all threads they reasonably expect will meet expectations for approval, as they will not be allowed to add to, remove from, or modify which threads will be considered once submitted. An excessively long list including several threads that do not meet expectations for approval will count against the Faction. As a general guideline, four or more threads must be completed to be eligible for the maximum allocation of hexes.
    • Upon approval of a Faction's submitted threads, a Board Admin will flip a coin to determine if their requested hexes will be added to their Faction's influence cloud. This will not affect the number of hexes a Faction receives, only the placement of those hexes. The presiding Admin will present the results at the time of approval for each requested hex.
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    At any point, a Major Faction may invade another Major Faction's occupied hex. This involves one Major Faction's members fighting for control of the hex(es) against another Major Faction's members.

    Minor Factions may also initiate an Invasion against a Major Faction or another Minor Faction only if the two factions share a physical border on the Galaxy Map. Minor Factions may likewise be targeted by Major Factions or other Minor Factions under the same conditions. Invasions involving a Minor Faction may not involve more than one hex per Invasion.

    New Major and Minor Factions may not be invaded for the first 30 days after being granted Major or Minor Faction status unless they initiate an Invasion first.

    • Label your faction's name or acronym, the planet, hex, or system being invaded, and the opposing faction's name or acronym in the topic title.
    • A faction may only initiate one Invasion at a time.
    • A faction must give one week notice of their intention to invade a hex in a declaration thread in the Roleplay Discussion forum. When this thread is created, please tag a Board Admin so they are aware of the Invasion. Additionally, please tag all relevant faction staff from the invading and defending faction. This declaration must also include an in-character rationale for the Invasion.
    • A member of faction staff from the invading faction must create a post in the Map Update Thread at the time of Invasion declaration. The invaded hexes may not be claimed via Dominion or Agglomeration until a victory declaration is provided and the relevant submission to the Map Update Thread has been closed. The member of faction staff is responsible for updating the relevant map update request; failure to do so in a timely manner may yield negative consequences for their faction.
    • Hexes that do not share a physical border with another faction will not increase a faction's influence cloud.
    • Factions may only invade planets within two hexes of a faction influence cloud's outermost border.
    • STAMPEDING is prohibited. Stampeding is when several members of a faction post repetitively without waiting for a response from the opposition.
    • STALLING is prohibited. Stalling is where a defending faction deliberately seeks to underperform.
    • There is a galaxy-wide CEASEFIRE on Invasions and Rebellion threads between December 1st and January 8th. Invasion and Rebellion threads must be submitted for judging prior to December 1st (EST) and may not begin before January 8th.
    • Factions become EXHAUSTED after launching three invasions within three weeks of one another. Factions who become exhausted will have their entire influence cloud (except for those with capital protections) subject to Rebellion from the time of declaration of the third Invasion until a victory declaration is delivered and the relevant map update request is finalized.
    • All Major and Minor Factions involved in an Invasion thread may request assistance from factions not involved in the thread.
    • Allies must be accepted by the Major Faction they are assisting.
    • Third parties seeking to participate in the Invasion on neither side must receive approval from both involved factions' staff.
    • The Invasion thread must have a minimum total of 100 posts between both factions.
    • Both factions must have a minimum of five (5) members per side. If either faction cannot meet this requirement within 72 hours of the beginning of the invasion, that faction forfeits.
    • Invasions typically run for two weeks, but it is up to the faction staff to agree upon a time length for Invasions. Invasions running longer than three weeks must receive Board Staff approval.
    • At any time, Faction Owners may request an Administrator to review an Invasion for the purpose of forcing an early concession due to inactivity from any invading or defending factions. If the claim is found valid, the presiding Administrator may initiate an early judgement deliberation with the presiding Board Moderators. If this method of victory declaration is found unsubstantiated, it may become a factor in the Board Moderators' judgement of the Invasion.
    • Once an Invasion nears its completion, please contact a Board Administrator. If neither faction concedes, the Board Moderators will determine the victor.
    • Faction staff may submit a brief invasion summary detailing why they think they won the invasion and may highlight member contributions to that end. This summary should be sent to the presiding Board Staff team within 24 hours of the conclusion of the Invasion.
    The following will not be considered when judging an Invasion.
    • Person vs Person Duels. The amount of duels won or lost in an Invasion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
    • Objectives. The amount of objectives won or lost in an Invasion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
    • Non-Player Characters. The actions of NPCs involved from either side in an Invasion does not contribute to either faction’s victory.
    The following will be considered when judging an Invasion:
    • Participation. An invasion is a story of conflict between two factions, and the participation of both factions will contribute to their chances for victory. This is does not include the total contribution of posts from one faction as compared to another, nor the total amount of individual writers from one faction as compared to another. This does include, but is not limited to, the level of consistent activity of both factions throughout the course of the thread, the interaction between members of both factions with the opposition from the start of the invasion to the end, the steady responses between writing partners made in a reasonable frame of time, and the amount of cooperation and teamwork between members of each faction to achieve their goals.
    • Tension. Throughout invasions there will always be a conflicts, large or small. This can be something as small as a Padawan and an Acolyte dueling and how their conflict plays out, or as large as the interaction of two massive fleets in orbit. These moments, as well as how members of both parties respond to and shape them, can contribute to a faction's chances for victory. This is not determined by the literal outcome of these moments. They will be decided by how unique these moments are, how fair and appropriate the moments that lead up to these interactions are, as well as how each individual and group handles these moments and either recovers or takes advantage of them in a fair and appropriate manner.
    • Story. At the heart of an invasion lies the stories woven by writers from the first post until its last, whether it is through a violent conflict, a peaceful diplomatic resolution, or anything that lies between. Actions made by individuals, groups, and the factions as a whole make up the fabric of this story and will contribute to each faction's chances for victory. This will not be determined by a summation of duels, objective wins, and general tallying of scores. This will be determined by subjects such as, but is not limited to, whether the actions of individuals and groups make sense in their given context, the expansion of a given location's lore and history, the general flow of the overarching story as it unfolds and is influenced by the actions of each faction, how engaging each individual and group's storyline is, and the impact felt by the gains and the losses of both factions - as well as the fair and balanced actions made by individuals of each faction.
    • Drama. While the focus of an invasion will always be the actions of each character and faction in-character, the interaction and the general behavior of writers of each faction out-of-character also create an impact on the flow of an invasion. The goal for every invasion is for members of both parties to have fun and enjoy their experience, and to create a fun and interesting story comprised of the actions of each character as individuals and participating factions as a whole; however, this can be derailed by behavior that is not conducive for such an ideal environment. It is our goal for this to always end as a tie, with both parties never showing examples of inappropriate and negative behavior, but any negative behavior instigated by either side, visibly, can negatively impact that faction's chances for victory in an invasion.