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    • [​IMG] Name: Unknown
      Alias: Gamajun
      Title: N/A

      Age: Ageless
      Apparent Age: Late teens/Early twenties

      Sex: Female
      Species: Miraluka
      Orientation: Pansexual
      Body: Athletic
      Skin: Chalky
      Height: 5'2"
      Weight: 100 lbs

      Eyes: N/A
      Hair: Raven

      Birthworld: Alpheridies
      Current Residence(s):
      - Prakith, Andeddu's keep
      - Dagobah, Mount Dagger

      - Thule, Sith temple

      - Dark Side Cultist
      - Scribe
      - Archaeologist
      - Astrologer
      - Librarian

      - Luka Sene [FORMER]
      Sith Empire [FORMER]
      - New Sith [FORMER]
      - Brotherhood of Darkness [FORMER]
      One Sith [FORMER]
      - Sith Clans (Acolyte)

      Force Rank: Knight
      Force Alignment: Dark side
      True Alignment: Neutral Evil

    • [​IMG]

      Even the lowest of beings have secrets and put on masks to hide them from others. Is it so strange that I would do the same?

      Very few have broken the bonds of death, fewer still have found a way to stay in this world forever. Countless sorcerers and cultists have wasted entire lives in search of a way to escape death. Those who have uncovered the secret of immortality guard it jealously.

      I have lived for so long that I don't even remember the origins of my own name. I am called Gamajun now, but I've had so many names. Decade after decade, age after age I have shed old identities like a snake sheds its skin, yet I have always been the same being. The eternal being, living forever in the shadows, drawing on the lives of others to extend my own.

      When the Jedi forced me to melt into the shadows, I must confess that I had fears of being uncovered. Was it truly as simple as hiding in plain sight? But the years have turned into centuries and the centuries have stretched on so long that it all slips into a haze.

      Is this the price of immortality?

      All that is certain is that I am eternal and will exist forever. From the shadows I have watched the sweeping sands blow and settle into the ground on which men walk. I have been the harvester of life, feeding on the unknowing and watching their bones dissolve into ashes. Civilizations have come and gone, long since forgotten by all except me.

      I possess considerable power and a wealth of knowledge, but to reveal it would be to risk my own destruction at the hands of my enemies. It is not enough to attain immortality; one has to preserve it. I have hid in plain sight, changing names and faces, always posing as a meek, feeble researcher while others chased fame and glory before fading into obscurity after their passing. Hundreds of names I know once instilled fear, now unknown.

      All eyes are on others, the heroes, the emperors, the warlords. They are the source of all whispers, intrigue, and gossip. But who pays attention to the acolyte, or the librarian? They scurry about in the shadows, tending to their tasks in anonymity. This is good. Let the heroes and villains have the spotlight, the shadows suit me just fine.

    • [​IMG]

    • [​IMG] Lightsaber Forms
      - Soresu

      - Niman

      - Force choke
      - Force crush
      - Force barrier

      Force sense
      - Force sight
      - Farsight

      - Mind trick

      Force drain

      Force lightning

      Sith alchemy
      - Mask

      Sith magic

      - Sith necromancy

      White Current

      Buried Presence

    • Ancient lightsaber
      Ritual dagger
      Old tomes and scrolls
      Sith Abattar

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