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    1. Forum layout
    2. Rules
    3. Our timeline
    4. Character creation
    5. The Compendium and the Forge
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    • Announcements: This forum is where board staff (red/orange colored names) publishes important information.
      • Royal Decrees: This forum is where the Iron Throne publishes in-character announcements intended for a public audience.
    • Character Creation:This forum is where you'll post your character profile and find resources to help you create your character.
      • Character Creation Information: This forum is a comprehensive collection of characters in GoTRP: Kingsroad. It contains information regarding power structures, title availability, and house information.
        • IMPORTANT: You must post here to request any ranks, titles, or holdings before roleplaying with that character.
    • Member Support: This section is where members post to report any problems or bugs with the board and to request help on a number of topics, including rule clarifications and technical support.
    • Open Roleplaying: This section hosts public roleplay threads where anyone may join.
    • Private Roleplaying: This section hosts private roleplay threads where only authorized writers may join.
    • The Compendium: The Compendium forum is where writers can create their own lore, settings, and NPCs to support character development.
    • The Forge: The Forge forum is where writers can create their own equipment to use in roleplay.
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    2. RULES
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