CHARACTER Prince Amnon, Overlord of Methys

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    Name: Amnon Gildagyr
    Title: Prince, Hegemon (Methys)
    Age: 192
    Skin: Dark Brown
    Eyes: Pale
    Affiliation: Athysian League

    Amnon was born on Methys. A planet engulfed into a civil war for the greater part of the past millennia. In his early years, Amnon was trained in the Force in the Temple of Shadow, on Methys. The skill demonstrated was high, with strong connection to the Dark Side. It was, however, in the second decade of his life when the true talent of him was revealed, when he returned to the Principality, being given command of a military detatchement, as part of his mandatory duties as royalty. His keen thinking and effectiveness in the field soon granted him recognization among his equals. The aspiring noble will continue lead the Gildagyr armies for a decade.
    During one of the many excursions of Amnon into the neighbouring star systems, he came in contact with corsairs form the distant planet Athys. It is unclear what revolved between the two parties, however, after a long raiding campaign, Amnon returned to Methys along with several hired Athysian ships. This will become a turning point to the war on Methys which was otherwise locked into a stalemate. With off-world support, Amnon soon drove the warring factions back, establishing the Gildagyr as the most powerful military force on the planet.

    After the death of his father, Amnon becomes the defacto leader of the Gildagyr. It was at this point, Amnon initiated a whole new offensive, effectivelly scaling the conflict to an unforseen level.
    The remaining opposition forces soon were forced to unite, in a desperate attempt to stall Amnon's onslaught. However, the Gildagyr, joint with the Athysian allies, were a most dreadful foe.

    It will take 50 years, before Amnon subdues the last opposition faction. When this happened, however, his rule over the system will be absolute. For decades, after the end of the last war, several rebellions, pirate incursions and raids threatened Methys. Amnon's new army, however, was far too big, and far too strong.

    Now supported by a powerful war machine, Amnon rests his gaze to the stars... As his infinite ambision is yet to be satisfied...