PUBLIC Shaping the New Galactic Order

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    Even after the collapse of the Galactic Empire the galaxy wasn't this fractured.

    Be it through scorn or self-interest, factions have taken advantage of the turmoil to look inwards - and often outward. Times have changed though, and so has the galaxy. Planetary sovereignty is amongst the highest priorities to develop, complicating the goals of nations which have previously held jurisdiction over a great many systems.

    Though the Interstellar Cooperation Organization is no more, having exhausted the last of its capital in preserving the integrity of the Pietas Station site, its principles endure. Or rather, it is the only international dialogue format that galactic leaders are somewhat familiar with, so its model is the only viable option for an multilateral dialogue. A multilateral approach is the only which can stand to hold the confidence of the galaxy's stakeholders and the public at large.

    Such an approach would take place on Coruscant - one of the very systems which had asserted its sovereignty. Analysts don't expect this summit to achieve anything substantive, but maintain its importance is in establishing the new galactic order in this fractured galaxy. While the nations of old responsible for the status quo of old are expected to be in attendance, the excitement lies in the anticipation which of the newly established planetary governments and organizations will assert themselves in the new galactic order.
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