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    This thread is up for OOC discussion of this faction event - which is open to the public! This first post will also contain quick information for everyone so that the story starts off on the same foot for everyone!

    Arrival to Yaga Minor & Military Objectives

    When Fel Imperial forces arrive to Yaga Minor they are expecting to find a fleet several dozen star destroyers strong. When they arrive, they find that the shipyards are, indeed, at full production with dozens of SDs being constructed.

    However, the active fleet they find is a fraction of what was expected, under a dozen Star Destroyers and support craft. Imp Intelligence does not know why this is.

    However, military characters may be apart of several general objectives

    1. Ground forces may wish to write stories about the retaking of orbital shipyards without having them destroyed.

    2. Battle with the in orbit Warlord & Resurgent ships is another route.

    3. Stories revolving around the ground invasion are also open!

    All three of these objectives are based simply on logic and are open to any stories you'd want to tell!

    I will reveal other parts of the story I have planned through my NPC account, but don't feel pinned down to that! If you have questions hit me up here or on discord!
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