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    Yyda Knylenn
    Heir of Kuat

    NAME: Yyda Knylenn (Ai-dah Ny-len)

    FACTION: House Knylenn of Kuat, Kuat Drive Yards

    RANK: Noble, Chief Designer

    SPECIES: Human

    AGE: 24

    SEX: Female

    BUILD: Lean

    HEIGHT: 1.67 meters (5'6)

    WEIGHT: 48 kilograms (105lb)

    EYES: Purple

    HAIR: Silver-violet, hip-length

    SKIN COLOUR: Pale white



    Next in line as the head of the Knylenn family, Yyda is a noble in a very, very long line of powerful aristocrats that make up the Ten Houses of Kuat. As an aspiring shipbuilder, very much in keeping with Kuat's cultural traditions, Yyda was tutored under the world's leading designers, engineers and military theorists and groomed to become the eventual Chief Designer of Kuat Drive Yards.

    Unbeknownst to the young noblewoman, Kuat's standing in the galaxy was waning, and the world itself was rife with infighting due to KDY's business struggles. For the last two hundred years, Kuat Drive Yards and its subsidiaries have lost contracts, while some have gone bankrupt, and others have split off entirely. The Kuat family itself had its reputation utterly destroyed - as they were entrusted with the world's future through their ownership of the drive yards. Assassination attempts became frequent, even coups. Kuat was nothing without its drive yards, thus the planet suffered along with it. They were hated as warmongers for building fleets that terrorized the galaxy for thousands of years. The problems were further exacerbated by the Republic refusing to purchase ships in KDY's signature wedge style, and throwing out their design language was an affront to Kuati culture.

    The reality of Kuat's situation had yet to hit her until she had signed up for the Navy Officer's Course on Anaxes. She studied military theory and naval doctrine for the benefit of herself and the future of KDY, however she was ostracized by her peers and regarded as another 'Kuati devil'. While away for two years on Anaxes, Kuat had suffered a coup that saw House Knylenn finally overturn the Inheritance Exemption and seize control of Kuat Drive Yards. The rise of House Knylenn allowed Kuat to succeed from the New Republic after many generations of demonization, loss of cultural impact and near collapse of their economy.

    Yyda returned to Kuat in a hurry thereafter and was shortly promoted to KDY's Chief Designer, no doubt hastened by her family's position of the new ruling family of Kuat.



    - Book smart. Yyda has had access to the best Kuati tutors a noble could ask for. She's well versed in starship engineering and has a basic grasp on naval tactics, albeit she's never actually held a commanding position before.

    - Prim and Proper, as expected of an aristocrat.

    - Attractive. The telbun arrangement has made sure that Kuati nobles have only the best genetics.

    - Little life experience. Yyda has lived a sheltered life and has yet to experience how the galaxy actually operates. She's no politician despite being the next in life to rule Kuat.

    - Anti-social. Having lived in an age of distrust and backstabbing, Yyda was taught not to make friends, relying only on family for support and protection. When Yyda finally went offworld, she was shunned due to her heritage, and chose to avoid socializing with people.


    - Blaster, for self-defense.
    - Datapad


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